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energizing lives

National Gas as an energy company is committed to enhancing the quality of life by providing energy solutions that help fuel and fulfill the aspirations of consumers everywhere.

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The National Gas Brand

National Gas Brand

With an aim to achieve a clear, consistent visual identity that reflects the company’s mission and core values, National Gas launched a new logo during its 25th anniversary celebrations in 2006. The dark blue flame in the logo represents pure energy and continuous innovation,while the light blue flame signifies a caring hand, with a focus on company’s CSR initiatives.

The Incredible Cutting Gas “NC+”

National Gas has developed a revolutionary new alternative cutting technology that will change the way metal is cut. The Cutting Gas is a hydrocarbon-based cutting solution that offers unmatched economy on overall cutting, higher safety, operation friendly usage and less carbon emission as compared to conventionally used Acetylene.

NGC Energy

As an international energy company, it was important to find brand discovery inspiration that illustrates our dynamic,progressive, and innovative energy service offering aspirations.

Taking its inspiration from NGC Galaxy also known as Spindle Galaxy, one of the brightest galaxies found in 1788, a galaxy characterized for its high energy gas and dust composition levels and continuous evolution, our brand mark demonstrates the core values of our brand promise where we combine our environment friendliness commitment and gas purity to offer efficient international energy solutions.

Our Spindle graphic takes its inspiration from the alternative name of the NGC Galaxy and stands to illustrate our thrive to wind our knowledge, capabilities, and technology set and form a mass of energy solutions that answer to our clients requirements.The Spindle Graphic appears in half shape to leave room for our pursuit of innovation, research, and development.