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energizing lives

National Gas as an energy company is committed to enhancing the quality of life by providing energy solutions that help fuel and fulfill the aspirations of consumers everywhere.

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WLPGA (World LP Gas Association)


National Gas, Oman’s premier LPG marketing company is an active member of the World LP Gas Association (WLPGA) and participates in the Annual World LPG Forum held in different parts of world.We are deeply committed to bringing value added services to our large customer base and have been on the forefront of providing world class technology  that deliver environment friendly, safe and convenient solutions to our valued customers. Such forums contribute towards sharing the best industry practices and cutting edge expertise that companies can imbibe for enhancement of LPG markets.

The World LP Gas Association (WLPGA) is the authoritative voice of the global LP Gas industry representing the full LP Gas value chain. The primary aim of the Association is to add value to the sector through driving premium demand for LP Gas while also promoting compliance to good business and safety practices. It brings together private and public companies involved in one, several or all activities of the industry, it develops long-term partnerships with international organisations and implements projects on local and global scales.

The WLPGA provides a unique and important venue for international sharing of the latest developments in LP Gas technology. It provides an efficient platform to showcase our product range and services. The WLPGA offers a valuable service to its members by ensuring that successful breakthroughs in one region can be replicated globally to benefit the entire LP Gas industry.