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National Gas as an energy company is committed to enhancing the quality of life by providing energy solutions that help fuel and fulfill the aspirations of consumers everywhere.

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Synthetic Natural Gas

Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) is a blend of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and diluent. The possible diluents are Bio gas, Digester Gas, Landfill Gas, Nitrogen and Compressed Air. However the commonly used diluent is compressed Air. Thus produced SNG provides direct replacement for Natural Gas.

The ratio of LPG to diluent (air) will depend on the Wobbe Index of the fuel to be replaced (Natural Gas). Matching the Wobbe Index ensures the two different fuels behave exactly as same fuels and fuel swapping becomes seamless.

Wobbe Index is calculated by dividing CV with under root of specific gravity;                                                        


Two different gases with identical Wobbe Index will produce equal amount of heat with the same amount of combustion air from the same burner. Matching Wobbe Index of two fuels ensures that they will behave exactly as same fuels and the changeover will be seamless with no change required in either pipelines or combustion equipment.

SNG systems can be virtually designed to meet any energy demand due to its modular nature. It also can be designed to give tailor-made solution to suit specific process requirement. Because of its modular construction and plug and play technology, it can work smoothly in extreme climatic conditions.

Why use SNG? 

Natural Gas is a vital component of the world's supply of energy. It is one of the cleanest, safest, and cheapest energy sources widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.Over a period, due to increase in uses of Natural Gas , there is a mismatch in  demand and supply  leading to  scarcity of Natural Gas.

SNG is desirable when there is an absence or a shortage of Natural Gas in a region. SNG can be used to precede the availability Natural Gas or to augment the gas supply where Natural Gas is already available.

SNG systems provide a convenient, consistent,high quality fuel with combustion characteristics similar to Natural Gas. In emerging economies where Natural Gas is in its infancy, SNG plants allow local gas utility firms to “build up” a customer base during planning and construction of a Natural Gas transmission line. The availability of SNG also entices commercial and industrial growth since such customers can install Natural Gas equipment before  arrival of  Natural Gas.

SNG will be ideal for the customer facing following situations.

  • Inadequate Natural Gas supply available to meet energy hungry industry
  • Production needs to start up but Natural Gas supply is delayed
  • Natural Gas is not available in the region currently but system needs to be designed for Natural Gas to derive future benefits
  • Natural Gas pricing opportunities
  • Peak shaving allows enhanced production
  • Standby system in case of grid supply failure

The National Gas Edge

National Gas has successfully designed, installed and commissioned SNG systems across GCC at various industries  for varied applications.

National Gas provides industry specific tailor-made solutions to suit process requirement like LPG- NG mixing technology for stabilization of Natural Gas heat value, and LPG – Bio Gas SNG to maximize use of Bio Gas.  

National Gas has designed systems ranging from 20 MMBTU/ Hr up to 2000 MMBTU/ Hr for various industries like Steel rolling mill, DRI, Pelletizing plant, Ceramic,Construction material , Aluminium processing , Float glass,  Fiber Glass etc. We are proud to say that the SNG systems designed, supplied and installed by National Gas are running smoothly without any interruption even under extreme climatic condition.

Ability of supplier to extend 24X7 services is a very important aspect in SNG projects as the entire process depends on the efficiency of the SNG system. Our Core strength is a highly skilled and experienced service team which has specialized knowledge of installation, commissioning, testing as well as trouble shooting of SNG systems.

One Stop Solution

National Gas offers a reliable energy solution for users coupling assured local capabilities with proven global expertise. With our experience and trained personnel we would like to assure our effective, efficient and reliable services.

  • One stop shop for Design, supply, Installation,commissioning of SNG system, LP Gas storage facility and Bulk LP Gas supply
  • Partnered by world leading SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) equipment suppliers and regional utility system providers.